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    New Customer

    We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to UES OFFICIAL ONLINE STORE and thank you for choosing us.
    UES OFFICIAL ONLINE STORE is HONORS CO., LTD. operated. Please shop at ease.
    Please feel safe to shop at our store.

    Please read the guidance carefully to prevent any mistake.
    Please enjoy shopping after the content is understood.

    Osaka UES and Daikanyama UES are specialize in face to face selling. Any inquiry or concerning about online shop, we would like to ask you to send e-mail to us from the inquiry form.

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    How to order



    Find your favorite item.

    Please check the item from the category that you are interested in.


    Select the product and add to your shopping cart.

    The color of the posted photograph might be somewhat different from an actual color according to the image and light. Please be forewarned.
    Please confirm the size data and select your own size.
    The order by the fax and the telephone will not be accepted.


    Please click "GO TO CART" when you want to confirm the content of your order.
    And also click when you want to fix your order and check out.

    Any change or cancel your order can be made from the cart system.
    You move to check out when all shopping ends.


    Input customer information for the shipment and payment.

    Your personal information will not be used except this system. ->Privacy Notice
    If you use shopping point, input the amount of the points.
    Select the options and fill in the field when you buy jeans or pants.


    Complete the order carefully and then go to payment.

    Please be reminded our stocks are shared with other stores, so there are possibilities to be sold out even if your order is successful. We'll contact you in that case.


    Confirm the order mail and payment mail.

    If you can't receive it, there are possibilities your order has something troubles or your mail address is wrong. Please check your registration or contact us by inquiry form.


    Shipping notification.

    If shipment is completed, we’ll send e-mail to you with the tracking number of the package, delivery time, order information and amount.

    b)Sales Price

    The sales price is displayed with Japanese currency. (JPY)


    We deliver in a simple package, considering the idea as a way to reduce the gabage in the customer side. We also care about the environment issue. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

    d)HEM UP

    Hemming applies only when ordering.
    *In the case of raw denim, we calculate shrinkage before take a hem up. Please make sure to wash a denim according to the guidance "LAUNDRY OF DENIM". If you wash it any other way, may cause errors in shrinkage. Right after you start to wear new pair of jeans, you might feel it’s length a little shorter than you would expected. That is because the wrinkle of the back of knee makes the length shorter. But after you wear repeatedly, it will settle down to the proper length.

    *Measure the inseam length with following method and write it in the options field when you check out. Minimum unit is 0.5 cm.

    *Inseam lengths are different from design and the way you wear.

    The measurement method is as follows.
    The measurement method
    The Length differ according to conditions in the wrinkle of the cloth and how to measure. Please acknowledge the margin of error. Bilateral tolerance is about 1cm.

    *When the hem up, the returns or exchange cannot be accepted.

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    We support following payment methods.

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    We deliver the commercial goods by using EMS. -->EMS website is here.
    *Delivery to Japan is out of service.

    b)Shipping cost

    Orders Amount Below 10,000Yen Below 20,000Yen Over 20,000Yen
    Orders Amount Below
    North&Central America,Oceania,Middle East
    Orders Amount Below 20,000Yen Below 30,000Yen Below 40,000Yen Over 40,000Yen
    Orders Amount Below 20,000Yen Below 40,000Yen Over 40,000Yen
    South America,Africa

    Customer's product ordered might be dutiable.
    If such is the case,you must pay applicable customs and duty charges.

    If you refuse to recieve what you orderd by personal reasons, we might charge you shipping fee.
    There are many cases involving China's custom duties. We do not accept returns.
    Please understand and keep this in mind when making an order.
    Thanks for your understanding.

    When ordering, even if bought by the target amount for a free delivery, when having fallen below the targeted amount by a return or an exchange, you would have to pay the shipping charge according to the final total amount. In the case of refund, we calculate it by deducting proper shipping cost.

    c)Delivery time

    Delivery time will vary depending on which country or region to deliver. It will take about from 3 to 7 days.
    In some cases, it might take more than 10 days.
    Some items which require laundry need additional days before shipping.

    We always try to deliver within ten days.

    If your order coincided with other order, there is a possibility that the item becomes out of stock.because UES OFFICIAL ONLINE STORE shares the stock with the captive store in Japan.
    If such case happen, we will contact you. Please be forewarned.

    d)The shipment day

    We will inform you with e-mail when the commercial goods are sent out.
    The shipping operation are closed on Saturday, Sunday and the holiday. (The New Year holidays and the summer holidays.)
    We will inform you with "Information" at the top page of our website when we take an extraordinary shop holiday.

    e)Delivery area

    There are a country and a region that cannot be delivered by EMS.
    Please confirm the country that cannot deliver by "EMS HP".
    If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us.

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    Return and Cancellation Policy

    a)Compliance period

    We accept return or exchange within a week from the date you receive the products. The customer is responsible for the shipping cost of returned items in the case of the buyer circumstances.
    Please contact from Contact us at the time of return.

    b)criteria of judgment

    We will exclude the one that applies to the following condition.

    1. When the customer has already used it.
    2. When it is damaged by the customer.
    3. When You lost the price tag.
    4. The item did branding to the leather patch or taking a hem up.
    5. When you work with the items. For example,washing,cutting,repairing and so on.
    6. The items which originaly unacceptable judging from the nature of the product.
    7. Gift items

    We always check the quality when shipping, But If perchance the following cases are happened we will bear the costs.

    1. Dirt, torn, badly flawed goods.
    2. When differing from the content of the order.
    3. When the size of the delivered items is remarkably different from the size of the catalog.

    *The products of "UES" is made by using old style shuttle looms and old type dyes to provide texture differences.
    Please understand a little uneven surface of the fabric and uneven dye as a characteristics of the product. We do not regard that as a flaw.
    Of course, We will correspond to the result of returns when you are not possible to consent our quality policy.
    Please keep the item until we will contact you.

    c)Returned method

    Please return the items after receiving the report from us,

    d)Exchange procedure

    Please return the items after receiving the report from us,
    We will exchange it for the same one.
    Without the same things, I am sorry,we will refund the item price to you.

    e)Return,exchange, and cancellation by customer convenience

    Customer is responsible for all shipping charges of returned items.
    The exchange applies to items of equal or more value.
    *We will charge a payment of balance when exchanging to the items of more value.

    The following cases, we regard as the cancellation by the customer convenience.

    ・When the customer doesn't receive the sending items.
    ・The address is wrong
    ・Cancellation after the items are shipped
    The shipping and any other charge are offset from the pay back.

    To WeChatPay users

    If you need a refund by using WeChatPay,
    it may cost few days according to the WeChat system.
    For your information, we manage your payment strictly.
    If it’s possible to refund, we will do our best to help you as fast as possible. Thank you.

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    Please contact from Contact us.
    *Osaka UES and Daikanyama UES are specialize in face to face selling. Any inquiry or concerning about ONLINE SHOP should be contact from an inquiry form.

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