Membership and shopping point system

Get the shopping points and save shopping price



Those who register RAINBOW COUNTY membership can use shopping point system. Once you register your personal information, only you input login ID and password and you don’t have to fill other blanks every shopping.

Shopping point system


Shopping point system of RAINBOW COUNTY is convenient and profit. When you purchase at our shop, we provide you shopping point depend on the amount.



Customer who ordered at RAINBOW COUNTY and registered member registration

How to get the shopping point


Target securities are all items.
Every 100yen purchase of commodity price, you get 1 point. Shipping fee is out of scope.
You can only use at RAINBOW COUNTY but it is unlimited duration.
When we ship your order, your points are added.

How to use the shopping point


Fill the amount of point you use in the point field of shopping curt page

How to view the shopping point


You can see current point at MY PAGE. 



Upper limit of using shopping points at an order is your purchase price. However you can’t pay shipping fee by shopping point so you need to pay.

You can’t give your point to other members.

The point you get the current shopping, you can use it next shopping.

When you cancel the order, return, or don’t receive your purchased goods, your shopping point for the order will be deleted.


Member registration / Update

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