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    Q : How much does it cost for shipping?

    A : Shipping charges vary by country. You can confirm shipping charges on "SHOPPING GUIDE" page.
    * Customer's product ordered might be dutiable. If such is the case, the customer must pay all applicable customs and duty charges.

    Q : I have ordered items 10 days ago, and it hasn't arrived yet.

    A : If you received the shipment notification e-mails, but the product you ordered hasn't arrived, it might have been stopped by customs. Please contact customs of your country.

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    Q : I want to buy after I try it on. Are there any fitting samples that I can borrow?

    A : I am sorry, there is no sample. There are a lot of samples in the direct-management shop. Please visit there.

    Q : Should I wear denim every day for the ideal fading?

    A : You should rest your denim once or twice a week.

    Q : I want to buy washed denim rather than the rigid one.

    A : When you buy it, you can choose "Raw denim" or "Washed denim".

    Q : When I soak denim in hot water, should the temperature be 60℃?

    A : Please soak the denim in hot water close to 60℃ with a thermometer. Denim will not shrink enough when the temperature is under 60℃. Be careful not to soak in boiling water. The leather patch will get damaged.

    Q : I've heard that the jeans should not be washed. Is that right?

    A : The strength of the fabric gets weak unless you wash it. Moderate washing is necessary.

    Q : After washing denim for the first time, I feel the waist has become tight.

    A : After the first washing of your new jeans, you may feel the waist is little bit tight, and the length is slightly short. This is because the jean fabric will shrink mostly at the time of the first washing. The waist and length become more comfortably fit little by little as you wear your jeans regulary.

    Q : Please advice me on how to care for my jeans every day.

    A : We will recommend regularly sun drying with your denim turning inside out.

    Q : Please advice how often I should wash my jeans.

    A : If you wear denim more than 5days in a week. We will suggest washing half a year later. After that you can wash any time you like. The person who wears denim less than twice a week, the first washing should be after a year later. It's depends on how often you wear your jeans.
    If you continue wearing dirty denim, it will get damaged. You should watch the condition of the fabric and had better wash your denim regularly. We will give you pointed advice if you show your denim to our store staff.

    Q : Does the color run to other clothes?

    A : You need to pay attention to what to wear with jeans. Do not wear jeans with light color items such as bag, jacket, and a pair of light colored shoes. The colors will run even to the house furnishings such as white sofas. Please be careful!

    Q : I want to know how to store my jeans.

    A : Let them hang in an airy place and dry. If you always kept them folded in a drawer, they will get a wrinkles.

    Q: The leather patch of my jeans has shrunk. Could you renew it?

    A:It will be handled as a repair service. Please feel free to inquire. Here please "Inquiry form"

    Q : I want you to do a branding iron with my own personal message.

    A : We are sorry, we cannot brand your own personal message.
    "RC-" is a representation of the store. Only six-digit Arabic numeral can be branded to the leather patch. The numbers indicate the date you started to wear your denim.

    Q : When dose the denim need to be repaired?

    A : Please feel free to inquire if there is damaged part. We will decide whether to repair or not after a consultation.

    Q : Could you repair UES jeans bought at another shop?

    A : Yes, we can. We will work out how much it costs for the repair charge. Please contact us. "Inquiry form"

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    Q : Do T-shirts and other shirts shrink any further?

    A : It won't extremely shrink by washing in the home laundry. T-shirts and shirts are prewashed. Please do not use drying machine because it may shrink more.

    Q : I feel a neckline is little bit tight.

    A : As you wear it, the neckline will get loose and become more comfortable.

    Q : I bought a size "1" T-shirt, is it right to buy a shirt with same size?

    A : Because the size is somewhat different by each item, please confirm measurement data.

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    Q : Is head wear washable?

    A : Yes. Please wash by lukewarm water first time, and hang out to dry. Please do hand washing alone otherwise the color may bleed onto others.

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    Q : Please advice how to wash denim.

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    Q : Are the all products by UES made in Japan?

    A : Everything is made at the factory in Japan. The fabric is all UES original. There is a rare handmade items too. We stick to the special texture, sewing, and hand craft features that can not be put out by mass production.

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