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  • Item Number 651916
    Item Name


    Color ①-③WHITE/RED ①-⑦WHITE/BLUE
    Price in Japan 6,400 YEN
    Price in Oversea ≈ 57.76 USD
    Change CY
    Materials 100% Cotton
    Manufactured Japan

    ×…SOLD OUT

    ・100% Organic Cotton
    ・Slim fit
    ・One Washed
    ・Made in Japan
    What desi cotton & organic T shirt have in common
    ① Good compatibility between fabric and print
    The Jersey stitch fabric is made from 16th single yarn and the fabric is largely knitted. This makes the rubber print easy to crack along the knitted fabric. Also, in case of impregnation prints, familiarity with pigment fabric is good, and the peeling condition of the print brings good results.
    ② The stretch ability of the fabric is strong, it is difficult for the shape to collapse even when washing is repeated
    By using UES original yarn blended with desi-cotton and organic cotton, we were able to produce fabric with excellent stretchy properties with decorative cotton characteristics. Desi cotton is difficult to spin alone because fibers are thick and short. This problem is solved by blending with organic cotton. Excellent elasticity of desi cotton, tenaciousness enough to be used as cushioning material appears in the product.
    ③ Slim fit original silhouette
    The pattern of tight & short is designed to be familiar with the body moderately by repeating wearing and washing. The finished product is in the most contracted state through an institutional tumble dryer. The knitted fabric has the characteristic that if you pull the length of the body, the width becomes narrower, and conversely if you pull the width of the body, the length becomes shorter. Where you feel tight, pull and stretch the fabric and wear it so that it fits into your body.
    ④ The Vintage feeling is due from the product dyeing this was done using old-fashioned dyes
    We use dye with relatively low color fastness, such as direct dye and reactive dye, to dye the product. Considering the compatibility with denim, we use a dye that fades. Product dyeing can be divided into various shades. Moreover, it is to apply bio-processing after dyeing in order to express further depth in the color and texture of the fabric.
    ⑤ Binder neck
    The attachment of the rib around the neck was made to be three fold binder specification. T - shirts are often stretches around the neck, but the UES T - shirt has secured strength by making heavy ribs 25 mm wide binder neck.

    ※The products of"UES" are made by using old style shuttle looms and old type dyes to add a more personal touch to our products.
    Please understand a little uneven fabric,nep,a flaw in weaving,uneven dye as a characteristic of our products.

    • Size 0 1 2 3 4 5
      35cm 38cm 40cm 42cm 46cm 49cm
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      53cm 58cm 60cm 62cm 63cm 64cm
      Sleeve length
      18.5cm 19cm 19.5cm 20cm 20.5cm 21.5cm
      Width of sleeve
      17.5cm 19.5cm 20cm 20.5cm 22cm 22.5cm
      ※This size data is measured with an actual commodity.
      ※Most of "UES" products are made to fit one's body in order to provide sharp clean looking.
      ※This product is washed so it may differ from sample data.

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